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Demand for Women as Executive Coaches

September 4, 2009

Executive coaching is still so much in demand in spite of some reports that it has already slowed down. What remains unswerving since the early 2000s is that female coaches are favored by many more executives than male coaches. Give that men make up over 90 percent of all top corporate and executive positions, it is interesting that the preference is for female over male coaches. According to some studies, women executives also prefer to have female executive coaches. All in all, women executive coaches are favored almost four to one.

So, why is there a great demand for female executive coaches? It is perhaps that women are more capable of empathy, understanding and are less intimidating than men. The current marketplace and workforce is far more focused on authentic relationships, which is the starting point for executive coaching. The main purpose of executive coaches is to serve as a guide to aid their clients in discovering their own answers to the corporate goals that they wish to achieve. When it comes to building relationships, women are often considered better than men because they have greater empathy and understanding. Aside from women’s inherent capability to develop authentic relationships, they are often also more capable of stepping aside from their self-images and egos. Women always ensure that the relationship is advantageous for both parties particularly when it comes to executive coaching.